Voicebot on our funding and smart toy market news

December 9, 2019

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Great coverage today of our latest news in the voice industry’s leading publication Voicebot.Ai.

For the full article, please click here. Some excerpts below:

“SoapBox Labs along with XPERI will also invest in the project directly bringing the total initiative funding to €12 million.

Patricia Scanlon, CEO, and founder of SoapBox Labs commented:

“The smart toy market represents a huge opportunity for SoapBox Labs but to win it we must first deliver our innovative kids’ voice technology as an embedded solution, so that no data goes to the cloud for processing and kids’ privacy is completely protected”.

“SoapBox Labs is known for its speech recognition solutions optimized for children”. “SoapBox Labs has already developed voice-interactive solutions for education and another logical segment where voice will impact children is toys”.

“SoapBox, along with XPERI and NUIG will collaborate on building solutions for toys where speech recognition and even visual identification will occur completely on the device with no need for cloud connectivity”.

“Beyond the on-device processing angle, the announcement also signals a strategic move by SoapBox into multimodal toys and games“.

“This will open up a big market where voice interactivity would appear to be well-suited, children at play, when many of whom know how to talk but don’t yet have reading or well-developed technology usage skills”.

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