Our core

Equity and Privacy

At SoapBox, we believe that every child, regardless of age, race, or accent deserves accurate and safe voice-enabled learning experiences that empower teachers’ instruction and accelerate students’ learning opportunities. 

A photo of a girl sitting at a kitchen table on her laptop computer. She is smiling as she is completing a voice-enabled activity, powered by SoapBox Lab's equity-by-design speech recognition technology for kids.

Equitable learning experiences

We’ve designed and built our voice AI to proactively mitigate bias and to understand every child’s voice accurately and equally, regardless of accent, dialect, race, background, or ethnicity.

A boy speaking into a tablet computer, voice-enabled with SoapBox's Labs' speech-to-text technology for kids.

Privacy by

Beyond compliance with regulations such as COPPA and GDPR, SoapBox has invested in a privacy-by-design approach that ensures every child’s fundamental digital privacy rights are fully protected.

It wasn’t faster or cheaper to build our voice engine for equity and privacy, but it was the right way to build it for kids.

Dr. Martyn Farrows
CEO, SoapBox Labs