Voice AI
for kids


A Curriculum Associates company

SoapBox Labs is now the AI-focused R&D hub of leading edtech company, Curriculum Associates. In this new chapter, we will continue to leverage AI to build safe and accurate education tools that keep teachers in the loop and empower them to accelerate learning in their classrooms.


Why is SoapBox the leading voice AI company in education?

Because we build AI that empowers teachers’ instruction in noisy classrooms.

  • Designed for kids’ voices
  • Certified for safety and accuracy
  • Understands all accents and dialects
  • Empowers teachers’ instruction
  • Offers real-time data
  • Delivers accuracy to the phoneme level

Our commitment to equity

Since 2013, SoapBox has been building AI that empowers teachers’ instruction and that helps students of all ages and accents to use their voices to learn to read. In 2022, we became the first and only AI company to be certified for mitigating bias in AI design by Digital Promise and the EdTech Equity Project.

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Voice AI for learning

The SoapBox voice engine returns accurate real-time data and insights to teachers to enhance the quality and timeliness of their small group and individual instruction.

Voice AI Insights


The Future of AI and Assessment

This 2024 SXSW EDU panel explores how safe and accurate AI can empower continuous assessment in the classroom giving teachers the accurate and real time data they need for more effective student support and instruction.

Edtech Insiders Podcast Date

Edtech Insiders Podcast

“Where does the magic happen in the classroom? At the intersection of assessment and instruction. Voice-enabled assessments are richer and deeper and they give teachers the timely feedback they need to accelerate learning”. Listen to more insights from our conversation on this Edtech Insiders podcast.