Voice AI
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A Curriculum Associates company

SoapBox Labs is now the AI-focused R&D Hub of leading edtech company, Curriculum Associates (CA). In this new chapter, we will continue to drive innovation in equitable voice AI and will work with CA to empower teachers and improve educational outcomes for K-12 students in classrooms across the US.


What makes SoapBox voice technology different? 

Our voice engine caters to kids’ unique voices, speech patterns, behaviors, and environments.

  • Works for all ages and accents
  • Equity and privacy built-in
  • Accuracy on par with educators
  • Built for PreK-12 use cases
  • Returns phoneme-level speech-to-text data
  • Flexible off-the-shelf and bespoke offerings

Our commitment to equity

SoapBox believes in an inclusive digital world where all children have their voices heard, regardless of race, background, age, or ethnicity. Since 2013 we’ve been building speech models to understand all children’s voices accurately and equally, and in 2022, we became the first AI company to be certified for Prioritizing Racial Equity in AI Design by Digital Promise and the EdTech Equity Project. We continue to be the only AI company independently certified for our work to deliver equity.

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A photo of a girl sitting at a kitchen table on her laptop computer. She is smiling as she is completing a voice-enabled activity, powered by SoapBox Lab's speech recognition technology for kids.

Voice AI for learning

Developing a dyslexia screener, ESL storybook, phonics activity, oral reading fluency assessment, spelling, or math tool for kids? The SoapBox voice engine powers your use case with accurate speech-to-text transcriptions and education-specific data features so that educators get the insights they need, down to the phoneme level, to support individual learners.

Voice AI insights

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Equity Right From The Start

Just out! Our new checklist for assessing equity in voice AI. Now education companies, school districts and teachers know what questions to ask when considering voice AI powered learning tools.

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Opinion: AI in Education

Read founder Dr. Patricia Scanlon’s piece just published in The Hechinger Report emphasizing the importance of AI regulation for all preK-12 education tools, and testing for bias before they enter the classroom.

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