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Children’s voices differ from adults both physically and behaviourally and that’s why Soapbox Labs has dedicated the last 6 years to developing speech recognition technology that actually works for younger kids. We license our best in class platform to partners across the education, language learning, toys, games and home device industries and offer the highest levels of accuracy and engagement with children as young as 3.

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Recent News

SoapBox Labs has just submitted a paper to the OHCHR in collaboration with media anthropologist Dr. Veronica Barassi. The paper discusses children’s rights in the digital age, a topic very close to both of our hearts... Read more here

Our Technology

We build speech recognition technology for children using state of the art, deep neural network machine learning and our proprietary, real-world kids speech dataset. Partners can choose to integrate either our online or offline kids speech recognition solutions, both of which use our proprietary models to offer the same high level of accuracy and performance.

Our online Cloud Based Web Service is scalable, robust and available across multiple regions. It delivers near real-time, accurate results across a wide variety of application areas and is easily integrated.

Our Edge AI solution delivers the same deep neural network approach delivering high accuracy, low latency performance offline, without the need for an internet connection.

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Speech Assessment

Speech and pronunciation assessment for reading, fluency, and english language learning.


Conversation and engagement through entertainment and edutainment games, services and apps.

Voice Enablement

Voice enable home and smart IOT and AR/VR devices, interactive toys, robotics and games.


Voice interface as a support for assistive technologies.

As an independent speech technology company, we take our responsibility for safeguarding children’s voice data seriously and adhere to the highest data privacy standards. We are both COPPA and GDPR compliant and the voice data we gather is used for one purpose only, to improve the accuracy of the speech recognition services we provide.


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