We Are Voice Tech for Kids.

Proprietary and built from the ground up, our technology voice-enables immersive play and learning experiences for 3-12 year old kids.

Voice Tech for Kids That Actually Works

"SoapBox Labs has developed a unique speech recognition technology that actually works for children"

Dr. Yaacov Petscher, Florida Center for Reading Research, Florida State University

We've Unlocked The Market

After 7 years researching kids’ speech patterns and behavior, we have developed voice technology for kids that is accurate, private, and scalable enough to become the gold standard across kids’ education and entertainment markets globally.

Our Voice Technology is Trusted By

Use Cases

Give kids voice-enabled play and learning experiences that are fun and immersive, age-appropriate and private.

Voice-enable assessment and practice tools for the home and the classroom.

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Voice-enable English and multilingual language learning tools and apps.

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Voice-enable toys, digital characters, AR/VR experiences and games.

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Our Latest News

“We’ve launched SoapBox Fluency to power tools for the classroom that enable equitable and objective fluency assessments, that are wholly invisible to the child.

Dr. Patricia Scanlon, Founder and CEO

SoapBox in the Media

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