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From Phonological Awareness to Fluency

Looking to voice-enable a specific education use case? SoapBox is the only voice AI capable of delivering accuracy for all kids’ voices down to the individual phoneme. We power an ever-expanding range of education use cases from phonological awareness and phonics to early reading practice, oral reading fluency assessments, language learning, and dyslexia screening.

Why choose SoapBox

SoapBox’s independent and proprietary voice technology has been built from the ground up to cater to the unique voices, behaviors, and privacy needs of children ages 2-12 years of all accents and dialects.

A privacy-first and equity-by-design AI company, we offer education and gaming companies a range of voice-powered features that go far beyond the basic speech-to-text transcriptions of other market offerings.

We Power
Your Product

Right off-the-shelf, our API powers voice experiences across education and gaming use cases — from language learning to reading practice to voice search, moderation, navigation, and conversation. Building voice-powered oral reading fluency assessments? SoapBox Fluency incorporates a custom language model built especially for you.

What’s your tool, app, or platform for kids? Bring it to life with naturally immersive and friction-free voice experiences.

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New To Voice?

Let SoapBox be your world-class partner with a full suite of expert services from product reviews and UX design to voice data analysis and technical integration. We can also help you market and scale your voice-powered offering to deliver maximum engagement and impact for your children – and teacher and parent – audiences.

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SoapBox has developed a unique speech engine and shares the same values as Scholastic, including a deep commitment to designing equitable technology that serves all children.

Rose Else-Mitchell, President of Scholastic Education Solutions

Latest news

A photo of a girl sitting at a desk in front of a lap top computer. She is practicing her reading skills on a voice-enabled reading app.

7th Mar 2023

How schools are using voice AI to teach reading

In this EdSurge article, author Olina Banerji explores voice-enabled reading tools from education companies like Scholastic, Imagine Learning, and Amplify, and the voice tech companies that power them, like SoapBox.

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The SoapBox and Scholastic logos side-by-side, depicting a new partnership to voice-enable Scholastic’s reading programs with SoapBox’s speech recognition technology for kids.

22nd Feb 2023

Announcing Scholastic strategic partnership

We’re delighted to announce a multi-year, multi-product strategic partnership with Scholastic to voice-enable their learning tools and programs for children. Learn what this partnership means for the future of voice-enabled literacy instruction.

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