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Most speech recognition systems are built using adult speech data and do not perform well for kids because their voices, language, and behaviors differ greatly from adults. And, the younger the child the poorer the experience. 

SoapBox’s independent and proprietary voice technology was built from the ground up for kids. As the leading solution in the education and entertainment industries, our voice engine is recognized as delivering the highest accuracy, without bias, for kids ages 2 and up, across all ages, accents, and dialects.

Powering your oral reading assessments

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In the new SoapBox Fluency product sheet, you’ll learn how voice-enabling your reading product means more classroom assessments, more one-on-one instruction time for teachers, and better outcomes for kids. You’ll also learn about all of the rich data points (reading errors) returned by Fluency to measure accuracy, words correct per minute (WCPM), and more.

We Power
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Easy, fast and off-the-shelf, our API powers voice experiences across all use cases – from language learning and reading practice, to voice-enabled search, moderation, control, navigation and conversation. Need voice for longer transcriptions like reading fluency assessments? We’ll build you a custom language model.

What’s your tool, app, or platform for kids? Bring it to life with naturally immersive and friction-free voice experiences.

New To Voice?

Let SoapBox be your world-class partner. We have a full suite of services, from auditing your existing product range, to guiding your UX design, building custom models and prototypes, supporting on technical integration, delivering pilots, and scaling your offerings for a global audience of children of all ages.

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SoapBox has developed a unique speech-recognition technology that actually works for children.

Dr. Yaacov Petscher, Florida Center for Reading Research, Florida State University

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