An image with text that says, "SoapBox Educate. 4 Reasons Voice-Enabled Math and Literacy Tools Are Better for Kids."
Our UpComing Webinar

With the new school year upon us, it’s time to sign up for another live SoapBox webinar. This time on the value of voice-enabled tools in the classroom.  Attended and enjoyed our last webinar? Excellent! On Tuesday, September 21 at 5 p.m. BST | 12 p.m. ET | 9 a.m. PT, we’ll build on those […]

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Case Study: Speech Recognition in Language Learning

We recently published our white paper “Can Speech Recognition Help Children Learn to Read?” to spur further discussion on the potential applications of kid-specific speech recognition for learners. One of the exciting use cases of speech recognition in education is voice-enabled language learning tools. Today, millions of adults worldwide use voice-enabled language learning apps to […]

Image says, "A Beginner's Guide to Voice-First Experiences for Kids: Part 3."
Part 3: Voice-First Experiences for Kids

From working closely with our clients, SoapBox’s Head of UX Declan Moore and Senior Software Engineer Ronan Tumelty have helped craft compelling and constructive voice experiences for kids. In Part 1 of our Beginner’s Guide, Declan and Ronan looked at the use of visual cues to support voice interactions. In Part 2 they focused on […]

Image with a young boy practicing reading from an iPad and text that says, "Can Speech Recognition Help Children Learn to Read?"
White paper alert! Speech recognition is now ready for the classroom

Back in 2011, a seminal paper by the Sesame Workshop and Joan Ganz Cooney Center asserted that speech recognition technology was “up to the task” of helping kids learn to read. So why, you may wonder, did it take another 10 years for voice-powered learning tools to start appearing in US classrooms? At SoapBox Labs, […]

Image says, "Can Speech Recognition Help Children Learn to Read?" and includes cover of the front page of a whitepaper.
Announcing Our New Whitepaper, “Can Speech Recognition Help Children Learn to Read?”

DUBLIN, Ireland (July 14, 2021) — Dublin-based SoapBox Labs, pioneering developer of speech recognition for kids, today released a white paper exploring the applications, risks, and opportunities of speech recognition in the classroom. The paper, titled, “Can Speech Recognition Help Children Learn to Read? A primer on the applications, risks, and aspirations of speech recognition […]

Part 2: Voice-First Experiences for Kids

Kids are more than capable of using a touch screen or holding a device in their hands. However, they may struggle to do both at the same time. Holding a device steady, pressing a button, and concentrating on an answer may be too big of an ask for them. Reading at a desk is very […]

Part 1: Voice-First Experiences for Kids

Voice technology offers education publishers, toy and game developers new avenues and approaches to creating immersive learning and play experiences for kids. From working closely with our clients, SoapBox Head of UX Declan Moore and Senior Software Engineer Ronan Tumelty see these voice-driven experiences come to life on a first-hand basis.  In this Part 1 […]

This image depicts intent recognition. A young boy says to a robot, "Play penguins!" and the robot responds, "Alright! Playing the penguin video now."
Lessons from Our Voice Engine #7: Intent Recognition

Welcome to the seventh and final installment of our “Lessons from Our Voice Engine” blog series.  Agape Deng, Computational Linguist and member of our Speech Tech team, explains intent recognition and why it’s important for kids’ experiences with speech recognition solutions. What is intent recognition?  Intent recognition is the natural language understanding (NLU) task of […]

Image says, 'SoapBox, We Won! Best AI Product in Education, CogX Awards 2021."
Winner: Best AI Product in Education

SoapBox Labs is over the moon to have won Best AI Product in Education at the 2021 CogX Awards. The CogX Awards recognize the innovators, change makers, and visionaries answering the question “How do we get the next ten years right?” and who are helping address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Getting the next ten […]

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On Voice for Kids’ Animation

Are you an animation professional, storyteller, or artist? Eager to learn more about using voice technology in games, apps, toys, and tv shows for kids?  At the recent Cartoon Digital Conference, Founder Dr. Patricia Scanlon and Head of UX Declan Moore shared key insights into how voice can be used to deliver more engaging and […]