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What makes SoapBox a great place to work?

SoapBox is on a mission for kids. Unlike most speech tech companies out there who build voice experiences predominantly for adult voices, our accurate and high performance speech recognition technology gives kids, as young as two years old, positive and engaging experiences every time they use their voices.

Voice is a need not just a want for kids. Great voice technology gives kids autonomy in their learning and play activities. By increasing their access to the digital world, voice increases kids’ confidence and their ability to shape the world around them, in ways adults tend to take for granted. 

Our unique and rich mission has attracted world-class engineers, linguists, and speech experts from 14 different countries. We’re always looking for motivated and collaborative professionals to join our fun, diverse, Dublin-based team.

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If you’re looking for a working environment that’s intelligent, nerdy, and fun, as well as the chance to be involved in groundbreaking voice solutions for kids, you’ll find a great home here at SoapBox.

Perks & Benefits

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Flexible working environment

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HQ in the heart of Dublin

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Paid maternity and paternity leave

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Team building events