Global accents welcome

For emergent bilingual kids or kids learning a brand new language, the appeal of voice-enabled education tools is obvious. Voice offers kids an interactive experience that can be designed to resemble the rich production values of digital experiences like gaming, for example.

Voice-enabled language tools also prompt kids to use their voices to build their confidence by speaking out loud in their new language, itself a powerful experience. 

SoapBox’s voice engine “listens” as a child completes speaking tasks. It then assesses their pronunciation and fluency down to the phoneme level and provides feedback in real time, just like they would receive from a helpful adult.

In 2022, over 30 English language and ESL platforms across the US, Europe, and Asia teach English to tens of thousands of children, as young as two years old and of all accents, powered by our speech recognition software.

Delivering real-time feedback

Using our voice engine, language learning companies can offer kids automated assessments that deliver accurate real-time feedback and that are more engaging, scalable, and cost effective.

Powering smart conversations

The SoapBox voice engine powers smart conversations, giving kids a natural experience of talking to a real, live ELL tutor.

Understanding young voices

With our speech recognition solutions, kids as young as two-year-old Hugh can have fun learning to speak English and improving their language skills. Our voice technology prompts Hugh to speak, listens while he repeats a word, then congratulates him on his great work.