Accents welcome

For emergent bilingual students or ELL students, the appeal of voice-enabled learning tools is obvious.

Voice-enabled language tools also prompt kids to use their voices to build their confidence by speaking out loud in their new language, itself a powerful experience. 

SoapBox’s voice engine “listens” as a child completes speaking activities. It then assesses their pronunciation and fluency down to the phoneme level and provides feedback to teachers – or the student – in real time.

Delivering real-time feedback

Using our voice engine, young ELL students can receive accurate and real-time feedback that makes learning more engaging, scalable and impactful.

Powering smart conversations

The SoapBox voice engine powers smart conversations, giving kids a natural experience of talking to a real, live ELL tutor.

Understanding young voices

With voice AI, kids as young as two-year-old Hugo can have fun learning to speak English. Our voice technology prompts Hugo to speak, listens while he repeats a word, then congratulates him on his great work.