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Our voice engine ‘listens’ as a child completes speaking tasks. It then assesses their pronunciation and fluency down to the phoneme level and provides feedback in real-time to the child, just like they would receive from a helpful adult.

In 2021, over 30 English language platforms use our speech recognition software to teach English to kids as young as two years old across the US, Europe and Asia.

Supporting All Stages Of Language Acquisition

With pronunciation assessment down to the phoneme level.

Language Development
Phonemic Awareness
Words & Phrases


Speaking out loud builds kids’ confidence in their language skills. Our voice engine listens to them and returns immediate and automated assessments that allow them to see their progress and share it with others.


Teachers and parents see the unique data points generated from regular assessments and can listen back, track progress, and offer the child support where necessary and appropriate.

“Integrating SoapBox’s technology into our English language learning platform has driven engagement, and helped us improve the quality and consistency of our learning engine.”

Toby Mather

Founder & CEO, Lingumi

Great Data Better Language Products

By integrating our voice engine, language platforms can offer kids automated assessments that are real-time, scalable and cost effective. They can also analyze the data generated by these assessments to guide the curriculum for children from different countries, taking into account their distinct English pronunciation challenges.

Let's Get Started!

Our Developer Portal shows you how to voice-enable your ELL or ESL tools and platforms using our speech recognition software solutions.

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