Use Cases

We voice-enable learning tools that support better student outcomes.

Foundational reading, oral reading fluency, screening, spelling and vocabulary. Voice-enabled reading tools give teachers more time for instruction and make learning to read more engaging and effective for students.

Built in the service of teachers and students, our voice technology understands and returns feedback and insights on students’ speech down to the phoneme level. 

Use Cases

soapbox educate early literacy

Early literacy

Our voice engine supports foundational language and literacy development, from phonological and phonemic awareness to blending and decoding, letter sounds, words, and short sentences.

soapbox educate fluency assessment

Oral reading fluency

Our voice engine supports children at every stage of the reading fluency journey, from phonics to oral reading fluency and comprehension. It accurately assesses pronunciation, prosody, and words correct per minute (WCPM), and returns insights to teachers on reading errors such as insertions, deletions, substitutions and hesitations.

soapbox educate english language learning

English language learning

Emergent bilingual students use learning tools powered by our equity-centered voice engine to do pronunciation assessments and practice, and to build their conversation fluency and comprehension.

soapbox educate math science

Math and science

From counting and word math to speedy times tables and multiple choice science questions, our voice engine powers tools that help students to stay engaged and build their confidence around mathematical concepts from a young age.

soapbox educate diagnostic screeners

Diagnostics and screeners

Our voice engine powers phonemic awareness and rapid automatized naming (RAN) screening activities. This use case is particularly compelling in the early stages of literacy when screening can identify students in need of early intervention.

Measurable insights
through voice data

soapbox educate data real time feedback
Engaging students in learning

In a voice-enabled educational game a student can be given real-time feedback on how they pronounced a word, phrase, or sentence.

soapbox educate data actionable insights
Guiding teachers’ instruction

Teachers receive rich, granular and real-time data on a student’s reading progress to support instruction and flag where early interventions may be needed.