A Teacher's Time Is Their Most Valuable Resource

SoapBox Educate solutions are built for teachers. Voice-enabled literacy and language tools allow teachers to assess students more regularly and quickly pinpoint where a child may be struggling or need more support, intervention or screening.

Looking for a voice solution that delivers accuracy and immediacy for all ages, accents, dialects and stages across the K-12 curriculum?

SoapBox Educate is that suite of solutions.

Learning to Read  Reading to Learn

Speech recognition technology for all stages of the reading journey.

Language Development
Phonemic Awareness
Words & Phrases


As students independently practice reading out loud, remotely or in the classroom, our voice technology returns immediate feedback to them and to the teacher’s dashboard.


Our highly accurate voice solutions power formative and summative assessments of reading fluency, returning rich and comprehensive data to guide further instruction, recognition and intervention.


Our voice engine is also used in conjunction with dyslexia and pronunciation screeners. The data points generated can help to pinpoint where early intervention is needed.

The Process of Learning

We build voice solutions that reflect how kids learn to read, all the way from phonics to fluency.


Our voice engine can assess phonics, supporting a child in the very early stages of literacy as they learn to sound out a word or individual letter sounds.


Once kids start blending and decoding phonics sounds to make words, we can assess their progress at word level, and down to the phonemes that make up the word.


We can assess a child’s ability to read a sentence and return accuracy scores at the level of the full sentence, as well as the word and phoneme level.

Fluency & Comprehension

We can assess fluency by returning data on reading errors, repetitions, hesitations and pauses. We can also search for key terms in spoken answers to analyze a child’s level of comprehension.

SoapBox Fluency

K-12 reading assessments typically require a teacher or trained educator to sit with a student, listen while they read, annotate and input what they heard into an online system.

This approach is time consuming, inefficient and prone to inconsistencies.

And for older students still struggling with reading, it’s awkward and uncomfortable.

Enter SoapBox Fluency.

Language Learning

Voice-enabled language learning was one of the earliest use cases for our speech recognition software.

Today, tens of thousands of kids around the world use voice-enabled language learning tools powered by the SoapBox voice engine to speak out loud, get immediate feedback, and improve their English-language fluency.

Developer Portal Access

Learn how to voice-enable your kids’ apps, tools and platforms using our speech recognition software solutions.



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