Educate whitepaper

Can Speech Recognition Help Children Learn to Read?

A primer on the applications, risks and aspirations of speech recognition technology in the classroom.​

This new SoapBox Educate white paper discusses how speech recognition is gaining momentum as a curriculum and assessment tool and shares insights from education thought leaders across the K-12 landscape including:

  • Sean Ryan, President, McGraw Hill School Group
  • Dan Cogan-Drew, Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer at Newsela
  • Larry Berger, Founder and CEO, Amplify Education
  • Jennifer Carolan, Founder of Reach Capital
  • Krista Curran, SVP at Amplify
  • Sara DeWitt, VP of PBS Kids Digital
  • Yolie Flores, National Campaign Director for Parent Nation
  • Sunil Gunderia, Chief Strategy Officer for Age of Learning
  • Dylan Arena, VP of Learning Science at McGraw Hill Education
  • Kai-leé Berke, Co-Founder of Noni Educational Solutions
  • Michael Levine, SVP of Learning and Impact for Noggin
  • Ralph R. Smith, Managing Director, Campaign for Grade Level Reading

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