Our World Class Voice Technology

Our world class voice technology is delivered via our globally scalable online API, offline SDK, and later in 2020, by embedded solutions.

Our voice technology for kids accommodates global accents, background noises, and the natural unpredictability of kids’ speech.

Percentage based scores are returned for target phrases, words, sentences, and paragraphs, and for every speech sound in the target phrase. Accurate scoring is offered right down to the phoneme level.

Demo: Phonemic Breakdown

Choose a sentence from the drop down, press play, listen and watch our system return scores down to the phoneme level.

Developer Documentation

Access our developer docs for information on how to integrate our proprietary voice technology for kids into your browser-based mobile app, platform or product.

SoapBox Studio

SoapBox Studio is a bespoke and custom solutions service that allows clients to leverage our deep expertise and know-how in areas such as:
  • Voice UI/UX
  • Prototype development, pilot and market testing
  • Data privacy and safety compliance
  • Acoustic modelling
  • Custom language domains
  • Custom offline implementations
  • Natural language processing (NLP) understanding and intent processing
  • Data analytics – usage, by product, age, gender, location, accuracy
  • Custom client libraries e.g. Unity, native Android, native IOS (Objective C and Swift), JS, Lua/Cordova
  • Integration and maintenance support services

To connect with SoapBox Studio

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