Our World Class Voice Technology

SoapBox Labs proprietary voice technology is supported by our large database of kids speech, and delivers best-in-class accuracy across global accents and dialects.

Our voice technology works in the real world, noisy environments kids inhabit. No need for headsets and mics.

The power behind our technology is its accuracy. Regular assessments for accuracy show that our results agree with those of human annotators – linguists and teachers – 95% of the time. 

We offer a globally scalable online API, and offline SDK, with embedded solutions coming soon.


Demo: Phonemic Breakdown

SoapBox Labs voice technology returns percentage based scores for target phrases, words, sentences, paragraphs and for every speech sound in the target phrase. Accurate scoring is delivered, right down to the phoneme level.
To see how it works, choose a sentence and press play.

“SoapBox Labs generally performs best, likely due to the fact that its models are specifically designed to work on children’s speech”


Our Technology In Action

Here our Director of Speech Technology Dr. Amelia Kelly demos SoapBox Verification – for words, phrases and sentences.

A demo of SoapBox Fluency – for longer read passages – is here.

SoapBox Studio

SoapBox Studio is a bespoke service that allows clients to leverage our deep expertise and know-how in areas such as:
  • Voice UI/UX
  • Prototype development
  • Data privacy and compliance
  • Acoustic modelling
  • Custom language domains
  • Custom offline implementations
  • Natural Language processing (NLP)
  • Data analytics
  • Custom client libraries e.g. Unity, native Android, native IOS, JS, Lua/Cordova
  • Integration and maintenance support services

Developer Documentation

Request access to our Developer Portal and learn how to voice-enable your kids’ app, tool, platform or product using our voice solutions.

API Integration is Easy

Voice-enable your educational and entertainment products for kids today.

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