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SoapBox Labs

SoapBox Labs is an award-winning voice technology company specializing in the development of automated speech recognition (ASR) for kids.

SoapBox Labs has developed the world’s most accurate voice technology for kids, and prestigious clients like MIT Media Lab, Lingumi and the Florida Center for Reading Research have all independently confirmed our leadership when it comes to accuracy.

Accuracy is the power behind the SoapBox engine, allowing it to add real benefit to edtech, gaming, robotics, and other platforms where it’s essential to accurately decipher child speech.

We're 7 Years Old in 2020!

Founded in 2013 by speech engineer and scientist Dr. Patricia Scanlon, the SoapBox Labs team includes some of the world’s most renowned experts in the area of speech recognition. Our internationally diverse team has over 120 years of accumulated speech recognition experience, and is responsible for 11 patents and over 100 internationally peer-reviewed publications.


The "Band"

The original team looked more like a cool band than a deep tech, AI driven company with huge opportunities and ambitions!

The Startup

By 2017, we had already gathered an international team that included a diverse mix of world class science, engineering and business talent.

The Company

By mid 2019, the team had more than doubled in size again and we continue to hire great talent into all areas of the company in 2020.

Dr. Patricia Scanlon, Founder & CEO

Recognized by Forbes in December 2018 as one of the World’s Top 50 Women in Tech, Dr. Scanlon holds a PhD and 20 years experience in Speech Recognition and Artificial Intelligence. In 2013, inspired by the needs of her oldest child, she envisioned a speech technology that would redefine how children acquire literacy.

Dr. Scanlon’s 2019 TEDx: “How Technology Transforms a Child’s Reading Journey” has garnered over 40,000 views. Watch it below.

Dr. Scanlon’s 2019 TEDx Speech

How Technology Transforms a Child’s Reading Journey

Voice Technology for Literacy

Voice Global Talk June 17th 2020


For kids to learn and play using technology the experience must be interactive.

Trial our free API and turn on your tool’s interactivity.

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Join our diverse team in Dublin, Ireland for a fun, collaborative and fast paced role with a world class, kids-focused, AI driven voice technology company.

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