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Our Story

SoapBox Labs is a voice tech for kids company specializing in kids’ speech recognition.
Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2013 by Dr Patricia Scanlon, our mission is to deliver the power of voice tech to kids everywhere by developing the world’s most accurate, safe, and accessible kids’ voice technology.
Since the beginning, SoapBox Labs has adopted a privacy-by-design approach to our data and technology, and offers full transparency with respect to the processing and storage of all voice data, with explicit parental consent and in full compliance with US COPPA and EU GDPR legislation. We also only use voice data to improve the accuracy of our voice service. Data is never shared outside the company, sold to third parties or used for marketing or advertising purposes.
SoapBox Labs voice technology is available for online and offline use to voice-enable products for kids in a wide range of areas from smart toys,  robotics and entertainment to literacy and language learning. Our world class and international team has over 100 years of speech recognition experience and is responsible for 11 granted patents and 100+ international peer-reviewed publications.



The Band

The original team looked more like a band than a deep tech, AI driven company with huge opportunities and ambitions!

The Startup

By 2017 we had gathered a world class team that includes a diverse mix of top class science, engineering and business talent.

The Company

By mid 2019, the team had more than doubled in size again and gathering everyone for a team photo became a bit of a challenge!

Founder & CEO Dr. Patricia Scanlon

Recognized by Forbes in December 2018 as one of the World’s Top 50 Women in Tech, Dr. Patricia Scanlon holds a PhD and 20 years experience in Speech Recognition and Artificial Intelligence.
Prior to founding the company, Patricia worked in world renowned research labs, IBM Research and Bell Labs. She has been awarded 3 patents, with 2 pending.
In 2013, Patricia realized that adult speech recognition tools would not work for young kids because their voices and behaviors differ so significantly. Inspired by the needs of her oldest child, Dr. Scanlon envisioned a speech technology that would redefine how children acquire literacy.
Under Patricia’s leadership, SoapBox Labs has spent 7 years gathering children’s voice data and developing state-of-the-art kids voice technology that positions the company as a market leader, just as the age of voice tech and kidtech is dawning globally.
Watch Dr. Scanlon’s TEDx: “How Technology Transforms a Child’s Reading Journey”

Join Us

We’re transforming the way kids learn and play through the power of voice technology. Join our diverse team here in Dublin for a fun, collaborative and fast paced role with our world class company.

The SoapBox Studio

SoapBox Labs API is straightforward and quick to integrate. When clients and partners are looking for more bespoke or custom solutions however, they may need help from the SoapBox Studio.
Clients can leverage our deep expertise and know-how via the Studio in areas such as:
  • Voice UI/UX
  • Prototype development, pilot and market testing
  • Data privacy and safety compliance
  • Acoustic modelling
  • Custom language domains
  • Custom offline implementations
  • Natural language processing (NLP) understanding and intent processing
  • Data analytics – usage, by product, age, gender, location, accuracy
  • Custom client libraries e.g. Unity, native Android, native IOS (Objective C and Swift), JS, Lua/Cordova
  • Integration and maintenance support services

For more information on The SoapBox Studio get in touch.

Welcome to the Decade of Voice Tech for Kids