Driving diversity from the bottom up

Last Thursday, I spoke at an event celebrating the winners of the inaugural TECS competition, co-hosted by the University of Limerick’s new ISE degree (Immersive Software Engineering) program. Stripe, through co-founder and President John Collison, have been instrumental in the development of this new engineering degree, whose goal is to turn “curious and creative people […]

Bias in Education

Fantastic article by our friend and collaborator Yaacov Petscher and his esteemed colleague Nicole Patton Terry, on the dangers of bias in education and the potential for AI to address it. “As AI-enabled technologies like speech recognition systems become more and more prevalent in everyday life, biases like these are not just annoying — they’re […]

An image of a young girl, about three years old, speaking into a smart phone.
Equity in Voice Technology

Equitable voice technology should be a non-negotiable yet, according to Stanford University’s FairSpeech project, all five of the leading speech recognition tools “misunderstood Black speakers twice as often as white speakers”. SoapBox Labs’ partners at the FCRR have also shared their concerns about technology and issues of equity in this recent Smart Brief article. Dr. […]

A photo of an eight-year-old girl sitting in class reading off a computer
Change is needed. Learning to read can change a child’s life.

CEO Dr. Patricia Scanlon commented on an article this week entitled “How ‘Reading Instruction’ Oppresses Black and Brown Children”. Writing in Forbes, Natalie Wexler gave an ominous assessment of the huge inequalities in US schools with regard to reading: ‘On national tests last year, only 18 percent of black 4th-graders scored proficient or above in […]

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