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SoapBox’s Valluri Saikiran on relocating to Ireland

Valluri Saikiran has been working remotely for SoapBox since August 2020, but it was always his intention to move to where our HQ is based in Ireland. In January 2022, he finally made that move happen, and we’re super excited to have him here. We caught up with Valluri to hear how he’s settling into […]

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January newsletter: 25 Trends in Voice AI for 2022

It’s great to see you in 2022! This year is promising to be another breakout year in voice AI for kids, and we can’t wait to share the latest developments with you as they happen. If you’re not already a subscriber, sign up to get our monthly newsletter directly to your inbox. Now, let’s dive […]

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GivingTuesday: How we’re giving back

Today is GivingTuesday, an opportunity for people, communities, and businesses to give back by supporting causes and performing acts of kindness and advocacy. We’re big fans of #GivingTuesday here at SoapBox! SoapBox’s #MakingKidsHeard campaign aims to create awareness around the power of speech recognition to deliver joy and agency to young kids through their voices. […]

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2022 in Voice for Kids – Webinar

SoapBox Labs is delighted to team up with our friends at Vixen Labs for our final webinar of the year, “Why kids will change how we think about voice in 2022.” Join Dr. Amelia Kelly, our VP of Speech Technology, and James Poulter, CEO & Co-Founder of Vixen Labs, for an illuminating fireside chat, hosted […]

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SoapBox at SXSW EDU 2022

Great news! Both of our panels for SXSW EDU 2022 have been accepted. This will be our third year speaking at this wonderful gathering of education professionals and ideas. We look forward to seeing you there. Here’s what’s in store. Our  first panel, Can Speech Recognition Help Children Learn to Read, will see SoapBox CEO […]

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6 Ways to Design Voice Experiences for Kids

Best practices in voice UX are emerging as the voice technology industry grows and voice use cases expand. As we design voice experiences for kids, we must account for their unique needs and behaviors.  Here are six areas to consider when designing voice-first experiences for kids. 1. Be specific In voice experiences with kids, as […]

How Data Is Reinventing EdTech

One of our favorite conversations with edtech customers is about how the unique data generated by voice-enabled tools can improve learning outcomes for kids and their teachers. “For the first time, using voice-enabled assessment tools, we can accurately measure the expressive language and literacy skills of a child. Historically, teachers needed to listen while the […]

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Celebrating Our Women in AI

Women continue to be massively underrepresented in the computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) fields. While this is hardly “news”, the stats on gender diversity still have shock value. In its Global Gender Gap Report 2020, the World Economic Forum shows that only 32% of data and AI professionals in the US are women, and they […]

Voice-Enabling for Kids is Easy. Just Ask Rob.

My name is Rob O’ Regan and I’m the VP of Engineering here at SoapBox Labs. The mission of our engineering team has always been to enable great voice experiences for kids. We started on this mission 8 years ago and have since become the leading solution in the market, in part because we offer an API […]

World-Class Talent, Apply Here

The more voice technology becomes a mainstream feature in kids’ play and learning experiences, the more SoapBox Labs succeeds in our mission of transforming kids’ lives with privacy and accuracy-driven voice technology. No surprise then that in 2021 we’re experiencing another growth spurt and looking for more world-class talent to join us our team. We […]

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