And image with text that says, "Norby's world, ages 5 to 12." Includes a photo of a young boy smiling.
Customer spotlight: Norby

SoapBox’s education-focused customers are creating learning tools that help kids improve their reading, literacy, numeracy, and language learning skills, whether they’re learning in the home or the classroom. Norby, a SoapBox client based in Melbourne, Australia, is a great example. 

A photo os two girls sitting at a desk in a classroom, reading off of an ipad.
Amplify’s $215 Million Raise

This week, Amplify, SoapBox’s partner and pioneer in digital-forward K-12 educational tools, announced a new $215 million funding round. We salute all of our colleagues at Amplify on this wonderful news. SoapBox has been privileged to witness Amplify’s remarkable growth over the last few years and to support the company’s delivery of “high quality, digital-forward […]

Image includes photos of 5 kids (2 boys and 3 girls) smiling.
Case Study: Speech Recognition in Language Learning

We recently published our white paper “Can Speech Recognition Help Children Learn to Read?” to spur further discussion on the potential applications of kid-specific speech recognition for learners. One of the exciting use cases of speech recognition in education is voice-enabled language learning tools. Today, millions of adults worldwide use voice-enabled language learning apps to […]

A photo of a young boy smiling.
Voice Tech for Language Learning

Language learning companies like Lingumi, Duolingo, Kahoot! and BABEL shine more brightly than ever in these days of remote learning. Their user numbers have rocketed recently, and so has traffic at SoapBox, as our voice technology becomes an increasingly core feature of language tools for kids specifically. So what do the “best” language tools offer […]

Privacy First. Period.

The UK’s new design code for protecting kids’ online privacy hits all the right notes: transparency, parental consent, data sharing and misuse, default privacy settings and age appropriate settings. And while the code itself is not legally binding, it’s backed up by data protection laws that can be enforced through fines and trade sanctions. COO […]

ELL/ESL Use Case

When Lingumi Labs started to use our speech recognition technology to assess the pronunciation and language learning skills of 2-6 year olds learning English as a second language we were excited – and it turns out, so were the kids! Here’s a quick video of very young (and cute!) Taiwanese kids learning English using Lingumi’s […]

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