Taking Play Seriously

The days of complex menus and clunky controllers are over. Generation Alpha kids are looking for more natural and immersive experiences using their voices to perform searches, chat with their toys and control their XR adventures.

Our proprietary speech recognition software offers clients a suite of low-code, lightweight and custom solutions that deliver private and age-appropriate voice experiences for kids of all ages and accents.

Playing Your Way

SoapBox Play solutions are changing how kids interact with their games, apps and smart toys by offering them more natural and friction-free experiences that are also fast, powerful and intuitive.

Custom Wakewords

This first-of-its-kind Wakeword solution built specifically for kids’ voices and behaviors allows kids to activate dormant devices using custom words or phrases.

Voice Activity Detection (VAD)

Our VAD feature automatically detects when a child intends to engage, or begins to speak, and opens the microphone to listen at that point only. 


Up, down, left, right! Our Control feature gives kids complete control over their offline and digital experiences using their voices.


Our Search feature allows kids to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for and to experience it through the medium of their preference.


Our Conversation feature enables scaffolded dialogue to power conversations between kids and their favorite offline and digital characters.

Saddle Up, Partner!

Looking for a creative and technology partner you can trust to bring your voice-enabled Play solutions to life?

Enter SoapBox Studio, our a-la-carte menu of consulting services – from privacy, design and UX experts to support for testing, integration and maintenance.

Language Learning

Voice-enabled language learning was one of the earliest use cases for our speech recognition software.
Today, tens of thousands of kids around the world use voice-enabled language tools powered by the SoapBox voice engine to practice speaking out loud, receive immediate assessments, and improve their English-language fluency. 

Fast and Frictionless Experiences

Access our Developer Portal to learn how our voice engine can deliver more natural and immersive play experiences for kids.

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