Wired UK Chooses SoapBox Labs

August 23, 2019

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Wired UK described their search for the top 100 companies in Europe in 2019 as a search for “the brilliant minds and companies that will make a difference in the long run” and we are delighted and honored that they’ve recognized SoapBox Labs as one of these companies.

We know that our work in the area of children’s speech recognition is pretty unique and leading edge, but we also believe that building voice interfaces that actually work for kids is making a difference in the world, for kids struggling to read, for kids with special needs, for kids who want to have fun and play and create using their voices, like every kid does!

As an independent company that focuses on one thing – building great voice technology for kids – SoapBox Labs also believes in protecting the privacy and digital rights of children. There is no advertising or other business or revenue model behind what we do. We use our data to improve our technology, period.

SoapBox Labs is right in the middle of what is probably the world’s most exciting industry at the moment – voice. Mangrove VC expects our industry to be valued at 1 Trillion by 2025, a short 5 years. That’s a nice number but our focus remains on the prize of being the world’s most accurate, safe and easy to integrate voice technology and we’re well on our way.

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