Winner: Best AI Product in Education

June 15, 2021

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SoapBox Labs is over the moon to have won Best AI Product in Education at the 2021 CogX Awards.

The CogX Awards recognize the innovators, change makers, and visionaries answering the question “How do we get the next ten years right?” and who are helping address the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Getting the next ten years right includes giving kids around the world equal opportunities to learn. SoapBox Educate, our suite of solutions for voice-enabled literacy and language tools, is helping kids of all ages, accents, and backgrounds improve their literacy and English-language skills by voice-enabling their reading and language lessons. It also gives educators unique data points to pinpoint progress and where targeted instruction, intervention, and screening may be needed.

We’re thrilled to receive this recognition. Thank you, judges, for this prestigious recognition and for honoring us alongside previous winners, like ROYBI and Sana Labs

Everyone is invited to celebrate with us at the 2021 CogX Festival (June 14 – 16) and visit us at our virtual expo booth. Here’s a free Premium Virtual Pass (use code: PVP100AWARDSWINNERS). See you there!

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