Why Join SoapBox Labs?

February 6, 2020

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So apart from working with the two of you, what’s so great about working for SoapBox Labs?

Director of Engineering Robert O’Regan and Director of Speech Tech Dr. Amelia Kelly shared five (other) big reasons why talented engineers should check out open roles at SoapBox Labs:

1. It’s a fast paced development environment so while you need to hit the ground running, you’ll also get to “design how something gets built, get to name it and figure out how it hangs together” says Robert.

2. We’re a relaxed and friendly crew, or as Amelia puts it “the team here is intelligent, nerdy and fun”. Emphasis on nerdy – and whether Jaffa Cakes are cakes or cookies.

3. We win on Diversity: With 23 people of 11 nationalities we’ve done well so far at attracting diverse, world class talent. “There’s also an impressive range of skill sets here from engineers to linguists to speech experts” Amelia says.

4. We’re a rare breed: Opportunities like SoapBox don’t come around that often says Robert. “We’re specialists competing against the Big Tech goliaths, and winning”.

5. We’re based in Dublin. Need we say more?

You can view our current speech recognition and machine learning engineering opportunities from SoapBox Labs on our careers page and if you like what you seen, why not apply online today!

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