Why Adult Voice Tech Won’t Work for Kids

January 12, 2020

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Customers sometimes come to SoapBox Labs after searching in vain for an off-the-shelf voice solution for kids that offers high accuracy and high privacy.

But most of the off-the-shelf voice solutions on the market today are developed using adult voice data and modelling, and just won’t work for kids.

As CEO Patricia Scanlon explains, you can’t just adapt adult voice tech and think it will work for kids. Accurate voice technology for kids requires a laser focus on kids and years of research and development.

Why kids need voice technology built just for them

Here are the reasons why voice kids for kids is such a specific and specialist area:

  • Kids’ voices are physically different to adults. They have shorter and thinner vocal cords, and they often don’t enunciate properly.
  • Kids’ speech patterns are different. They pause, whisper, shout, and get distracted in ways that are unpredictable.
  • Kids inhabit noisy kitchens, classrooms, and playgrounds and need voice solutions that work in those real-world environments.
  • Kids’ data privacy needs to be protected in ways that are built-in and by default.
  • Kids deserve safe, accurate, and immersive technology experiences. When it comes to voice tech, we’ve got them covered.

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