When Sonos Bought Snips

November 21, 2019

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When Sonos, Inc. bought Snips

Some thoughts on what today’s news signals for us and other companies in the voice space:

It signals the early maturing of the voice interface market.

It signals – once again – that as of 2019 independent brands have the confidence and wherewithal to build proprietary solutions that compete with the Big Tech off-the-shelf offerings.

It signals that “proprietary” and “privacy” have gone beyond being buzz words to meaning business when it comes to voice technology.

And it signals that “on-device” (versus online) is becoming more pervasive as an offering by brands and as an experience and use case for consumers.

That’s what this acquisition and other market trends we’re tracking signal for us. 2020 is going to be a dynamite year for our industry and for SoapBox Labs as a company.

Note: Image used here is taken from Voicebot article today – https://voicebot.ai/2019/11/21/sonos-acquires-snips-for-37-5-million/

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