SoapBox featured in the Wall Street Journal

August 9, 2022

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Just out — the latest edition of the Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything series featuring SoapBox Labs. 

The feature piece, “Can Tech Boost Reading? Literacy Tools Come to Classrooms” by Sara Randazzo, explores a vision of the near future in which voice-powered learning tools are used in classrooms across America to help young students learn to read and help their teachers offer more individualized instruction.

Read the article to get our perspectives on the importance of kid-specific voice technology and to understand how we power third-party reading programs for schools across the US and generate accurate and granular, phonemic-level data for teachers to support individual student’s oral reading progress. 

Two of our clients — McGraw Hill and Imagine Learning — were also interviewed by Sara for this piece. As Shawn Smith from McGraw explains, with voice-powered learning tools in the classroom, “every teacher can become their own data scientist and know in their own classroom what’s working and what’s not.”

Over the past six months, we’ve witnessed an accelerated demand for voice-powered learning  in the classroom and are happy to see the impact of voice reflected in this timely piece.

Read on and enjoy the full article.

Ready to build your own voice-powered learning tool for kids? For more insights and resources, check out the Educate section of our website.

Image credit: Sol Cotti

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