Value Your Voice

October 2, 2019

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Articles like this one clearly illustrate the individual and societal conundrum associated with voice data – it helps companies to know and service customers better, but at the expense of their privacy.

“Demographic information about customers can all be extracted from speech, Adeboie notes. Age, gender and emotion are woven into voice. “The potential of unlocking the data layered within human speech is where it starts to get really exciting,” says Adeboie.

Exciting for who consumers should wonder? And when it comes to kids, it’s even more clear that this is a false (and potentially dangerous) quid pro quo. As we discuss regularly, kids voice data must be protected from this kind of analysis and profiling.

What’s spot on in this article however is how large the opportunity is for voice technology, like ours, that works accurately in real world, noisy environments. Again, that’s even more important when it comes to kids, who spend most of their time in kitchens and classrooms and playgrounds.

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