The Irish Voice Squad

October 21, 2019

Rectangle Circle

Last week Dublin played host to Convercon – the conversational interface conference – and SoapBox Labs were proud sponsors.

It’s fair to say that voice was the dominant theme of the conference which attracted companies from across the country as well as a number of key international players.

Katie McMahon, GM at SoundHound and Bret Kinsella, CEO and Founder of Voicebot, both presented keynotes. They also joined us for a salon style dinner and deep dive discussion on the voice industry on the eve of the conference.

Of the many topics opened up and teased out during the evening and conference itself, there were two that dominated: data privacy and “the rise of the independents”. That is, the emergence of a group of world class, independent technology providers in the voice space who offer specialist solutions and/or value added services to corporate brands, app and game developers.

The importance of independence in the voice industry is a theme we’ll return to regularly here over the coming weeks and months. Meantime, here’s a link and excerpts from an interview Katie McMahon did while in Dublin. She talks about SoundHound, SoapBox Labs and about the “voice squad” of independent voice companies that has grown up here in Ireland:

“Ireland has some real rock stars in voice,” she said, namechecking Dr Patricia Scanlon, founder and chief executive of Soapbox Labs.

Soapbox is an Irish company that uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to develop cloud-based speech recognition solutions specifically for young children.

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