The Future of English Language Learning for Kids

December 17, 2020

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I recently caught up with Toby Mather, the CEO and Co-Founder of Lingumi, an English Language Learning platform for 2-6 year old kids.

Lingumi have baked our voice technology into hundreds of their English pronunciation lessons and more recently into their “smart conversations” for advanced English learners.

In our interview, Toby talks about how technology can enhance the teacher-student relationship:

We try to bring the magic of human teaching to families using technology to reduce the cost and increase the quality and scalability of the experience.

Toby Mather

Lingumi’s mission is to bring the world’s best teaching experience to preschool children around the world in a way that is:

10 times better than in a classroom, and about 10 times cheaper.

Toby Mather

Before integrating SoapBox Labs’ voice technology, Lingumi was keeping kids updated on their progress with behind-the-scenes manual assessments. Using our API, they now offer kids a visual representation of their scores, improving the quality of the language learning experience significantly:

We found that giving them their score quickly using SoapBox’s technology really motivated the children and kept them engaged. It’s a great success.

Toby Mather

You can listen to my full 20 minute interview with Toby Mather right here:

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