SXSW EDU – Your Vote Please!

November 16, 2020

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Friends and colleagues, it’s time to vote up your favorite panels for SXSWedu 2021. The competition for panel slots is even tougher this year, so please consider supporting us by voting for one or both of these important panel discussions:

Is Voice Tech the Solution for Continuous Learning?  

Can We Design Bias Out of EdTech?:

Cast your vote on or before Friday November 20th, and we’ll see you at SXSWedu in March next year. Thank you!

About our panels:

Is Voice Tech the Solution for Continuous Learning? Advances in voice technology for kids — and the shift to remote learning — have driven a growing number of edtech companies to integrate voicetech into educational apps — particularly in the fields of early literacy and English language learning (ELL). As instruction and assessment have moved from the classroom to online platforms, how exactly does voicetech designed specifically for kids work, and how is it being leveraged to ensure continuity of learning between school and home?

Can We Design Bias Out of EdTech? Human biases can worm their way into tech with harmful consequences. One study identified up to a 16% difference in number of misidentified words from speech recognition systems when used by Black and white speakers. The application of AI-enabled technologies like speech recognition in school holds profound opportunity but also poses serious risk. But is eliminating bias in AI possible? How can research play a role? What should practitioners know about the power and peril of AI in the classroom?

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