Robots and Education

September 10, 2019

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The $1.3B international robotics education market is set to grow to $3.1B by 2025 according to HolonIQ. This doesn’t mean that robots are about to become a physical presence in our kids’ classrooms however, because the term “robotics” now includes devices that are programmable or that use artificial intelligence technologies i.e. smart devices.

The quickly evolving market for AI and IOT devices in the classroom creates large and exciting opportunities for us at SoapBox Labs. First came computers, then laptops, then tablets in the classroom. The next wave is when these devices are powered by technology that adds real value – like voice interfaces that help kids learn to read, and help teachers shoulder the burden of class wide screenings for early intervention, as has now been mandated in 32 of the 50 US States.

Our technology has a huge part to play in this new era of classroom robotics, but what excites us even more is the trend towards play based learning, and the role that voice can play in making the learning experience – inside and outside the classroom – more engaging, immersive and just a lot more fun for kids.

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