Our Mission in Remote Learning

April 14, 2020

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In 2020, millions of kids around the world will lose half a year of early literacy instruction, and the resulting literacy “fade” risks delaying their educational development for many years after.

SoapBox Labs is on a mission to tackle this global literacy crisis.

When learning to read, a child needs to be able to read out loud, be listened to, and receive immediate encouragement and feedback. As parents around the world have now discovered, very few remote learning tools offer kids this essential level of engagement.

Existing tools are just too passive. What’s needed is voice technology.

Adding voice technology to reading and language learning products allows those tools to automatically listen to a child’s voice and give feedback to them, their parents, and their teachers, immediately and remotely.

SoapBox Labs is working hard with our edtech partners to make 2020 the year that voice technology becomes a core feature of literacy and language tools and apps, for the home and the classroom, to support kids, their parents, and their teachers.

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