Our Evolving Edtech Market

May 12, 2020

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Education technology is a $5 trillion business, but most of what we thought we knew about this industry has changed because of Covid:

  • The online tutoring and home education tools market, which was already exploding in Asia, has transformed overnight into a mainstream and global driver of growth across the industry.
  • Large and small edtech companies offering solutions for remote learning are seeing off-the-charts levels of activity – up by as much as 600%.
  • Edtech tools designed for the teacher/classroom scenario are being enhanced with new features like voice technology to offer a feedback loop to kids who are now remote learning.
  • Parents are joining the ranks of teachers as primary edtech consumers, opening up opportunities for edtech companies to provide more B2C solutions.

These are certainly exciting times for education technology and for voice players who serve this market, but as Founder and CEO Dr. Patricia Scanlon says:

“Making voice tech work with the complexity of kids’ dialects and accents is challenging. And then, there’s the issue of privacy. To win, edtech companies must offer parents, teachers and students high performing solutions which means built-in accuracy and privacy”.

SoapBox Labs is the leading provider of voice technology for kids in the education and entertainment industries. We work closely with our edtech partners like Amplify to transform their current and future offerings into interactive experiences that offer students the feedback and encouragement they need while learning remotely.

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