Founder appointed as Ireland’s first AI Ambassador

May 12, 2022

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This week, our Founder Dr. Patricia Scanlon was appointed by the Irish Government as Ireland’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ambassador.

Trish is a speech engineer with a PhD in voice AI and over two decades of experience working in companies like Bell Labs and IBM before founding SoapBox Labs.

In this new position, Trish will lead a national conversation on the role of AI in our lives, its benefits, and how Irish enterprises can embrace AI-powered technologies. Trish will emphasize and promote an ethical approach to AI that puts humans first.

“I look forward to working to demystify AI and promoting the positive impacts it can have in areas such as health, agriculture, transport and education,” says Trish. “I also am excited to hear the views of young people about the role they believe AI should have in shaping their futures and the future of Ireland in the coming decades.”

An image of 12 people standing in a classroom, 6 men and 6 women. The women standing in the middle is Dr. Patricia Scanlon, Ireland's first AI Ambassador.

Trish founded SoapBox Labs in 2013 after witnessing how her then-3-year-old daughter interacted with and quickly learned how to “game” the educational apps she was using. At SoapBox, we’ve developed a speech recognition engine for kids powered by voice AI.

We couldn’t think of a better person to be appointed as Ireland’s first AI Ambassador. Join us on LinkedIn to congratulate Trish and celebrate the future of AI in Ireland!

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