Newstalk FM interview with Dr. Martyn Farrows

September 3, 2019

Rectangle Circle

In this recent Newstalk radio interview, our COO Martyn Farrows offers show host Jess Kelly a primer on the voice industry and SoapBox Labs mission in it. He also explains why voice tech holds so much promise for young kids, and why the privacy issues associated with voice won’t be going away any time soon. Martyn talks about the 32 US states who have mandated dyslexia screeners for 5 year olds and how speech tech like ours can automate this arduous and manual process. He talks about the smart toys market – estimated at $40Billion by 2025 – and why embedding speech tech into kids’ toys is a game changer for the industry. He also explains how people tend to conflate voice tech and its most common use case – smart assistants in the home – when in reality “anywhere kids are interacting with tech using their voices, there’s an application for us”. Big tech’s business models tend to center around the monetization of personal data, and Martyn explains that while adults can choose to share data in exchange for the utility of voice, kids’ privacy must be protected by companies like ours who are leading the industry forward.

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