A Vision for the 2020s

January 6, 2020

Rectangle Circle

CEO Patricia Scanlon was invited by Fora.ie to share her views on innovation in the last and upcoming decade. Her answers set the stage for what is shaping up to be a huge 2020 for SoapBox Labs:

“The advancement of deep learning based machine learning is probably the most impactful innovation of the last decade. Such advancements have led to high accuracy, real world applications of machine learning in every area of business – from customer service and finance to communications and product development – and in every area of our personal lives from how kids learn to read to how we deliver caring services to the elderly, and everything in between”.

Within the next 10 years, or earlier, seamless multimodal experiences will become part of our everyday interaction with technology. We’ll engage with technology using a combination of voice, gesture, expression and sentiment, as well as incorporating immediate and historical context, just like we do when we’re communicating to each other.

Within a short number of years, “Kidtech” will also become ubiquitous. Kids will be offered differentiated and appropriate multimodal experiences of technology based on their age and stage of development, rather than the slightly adapted versions of adult tech they’re being offered today.

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