How Voice Tech Supports Teaching Remotely

May 15, 2020

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Online classrooms are great, but it’s hard – nigh, impossible – for teachers to offer the same level of individual support and attention to their students when they’re learning remotely from home.

As award winning teacher Mary Kovats described it in this recent Chalkbeat article:

The hardest part is trying to figure out how to be that teacher that’s looking at the kids individually rather than just as one big screen full of kids. You can’t just post one activity and expect that everybody can do it.

Every kid learns differently. So how can voice technology help teachers to support individual kids on their remote learning journey?

Our voice technology listens while a child reads out loud and offers them immediate feedback on their core reading skills like blending, decoding, pronunciation and reading fluency. Just watch.

Voice technology also provides teachers with data-driven feedback per child, diving into the phoneme by phoneme granularity needed to identify interventions for specific kids who may have challenges like dyslexia.

Nothing takes the place of an inspiring and encouraging teacher, but thanks to the feedback and data it delivers, voice technology can empower teachers and students to work more effectively, whether remote from each other, or in the classroom together.

You’ll find demos and more information about our voice technology for literacy and language learning in our resource centre.

Read about SoapBox Fluency and our recently launched reading fluency assessment solution here:

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