Online classrooms are great but it’s hard – nigh impossible – for teachers to offer the same level of individual support and attention to their students when they’re learning remotely from home.

As award winning teacher, Mary Kovats, described it in this recent Chalkbeat article:

The hardest part is trying to figure out how to be that teacher that’s looking at the kids individually rather than just as one big screen full of kids.

Teaching to “one big screen full of kids” obliges teachers to employ a homogeneous approach to their lessons but as teachers like Mary Kovats know from experience, every kid is different: “You can’t just post one activity and expect that everybody can do it”.

So how can voice technology help teachers surmount the challenges of teaching remotely? For kids learning to read, or learning a second language, voice technology can be a powerful teaching aid for teachers.

Our voice technology listens while young students work individually on reading and language development skills like blending, decoding, pronunciation and reading fluency. It gives kids feedback on their work and also shares their progress back to the teacher through dashboards that show, in bit-sized granularity, where the student excelled or stumbled and most importantly, where they may need that extra, personalized help.

SoapBox Labs voice technology gives kids the opportunity to practice language and literacy tasks out loud, in a natural and immersive way, no headphone/mics needed.

Our voice technology also gives teachers an invisible and punctual way to assess kids’ progress – in one lesson, one day and over weeks and months of classes.

Nothing takes the place of an inspiring and encouraging teacher. Voice technology can however empower teachers and students to work more effectively, whether they’re remote from each other, or in the classroom together.

You’ll find demos and more information about our voice technology for literacy and language learning here

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