How Data Is Reinventing EdTech

March 12, 2021

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One of our favorite conversations with edtech customers is about how the unique data generated by voice-enabled tools can improve learning outcomes for kids and their teachers.

“For the first time, using voice-enabled assessment tools, we can accurately measure the expressive language and literacy skills of a child. Historically, teachers needed to listen while the child read, annotate what they heard, and then input it into a system. Voice-enabled solutions significantly reduce the time required for that manual process.”
– Dr. Martyn Farrows, COO

Voice-enabled reading and language learning tools offer kids and teachers immediate feedback loops that provide intervention insights, support personalized learning paths and improve learning outcomes.

The unique data points generated by our voice technology:

  • Transcriptions 
  • Utterance confidence – how confident the models are that the “target” was spoken
  • Word confidence – how confident the models are that the returned word was spoken
  • Phoneme confidence
  • Word start time and end time
  • File duration
  • Words, insertions, deletions, substitutions, correct, repetitions
  • Hesitations 
  • False starts – child begins a word and doesn’t finish it “br – bring”
  • Interjections
  • Prosody
  • Time stamps – measuring overall time taken, time per word, hesitations. 

The value of this data for individual learners is immense. But what about when it’s aggregated for, say, 50,000 young learners?

Schools see this data as giving them an exciting opportunity to benchmark their performance against other schools in their district or state.

“Over time, the data generated from voice technology also provides longitudinal views for schools and districts, and more informed product design decisions for edtech companies.”

As Martyn mentions, unique data points like these, collected and analyzed longitudinally, are also transforming the way edtech companies design and develop K-6 solutions, how they test them, iterate on them, and track their performance over time in the market. 

SoapBox Labs is laser focused on powering voice-enabled solutions for kids that improve learning outcomes. We’re also committed to helping our edtech clients use this unique data to develop more effective literacy and language tools for kids of all ages, ranges and learning challenges.

If you’d like to talk to us about how to access unique data from your learning tools, you can get started today! We’d be happy to dive into your use case and discuss your data needs further.

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