Helping EdTech Companies Prepare for the Fall

June 3, 2020

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What will school look like when it returns in the Fall?

In her latest article, Emily Tate from EdSurge discusses the options.

Classrooms will likely have to move back online, for periods of time at least, into the future and teachers will need

“to pay close attention to the development of each child and ensure that appropriate grade-level growth is happening while learning takes place at a distance”.

It is already challenging for teachers to give every child in the classroom the attention they need, when they need it. Distance learning multiplies that challenge.

When it comes to literacy or language learning in K-12 education, voice technology like ours delivers the support teachers need. It encourages kids to practice out loud, gives them immediate feedback, offers regular assessments, and shows through progress data where interventions are needed.

Our edtech clients are working hard to make sure teachers have the tools they need to support kids this Fall both at home and in the classroom, and we’re delighted to support them with the world’s most accurate and safe kid-specific voice technology.

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