Equity in Voice Technology

June 24, 2020

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Equitable voice technology should be a non-negotiable yet, according to Stanford University’s FairSpeech project, all five of the leading speech recognition tools “misunderstood Black speakers twice as often as white speakers”.

SoapBox Labs’ partners at the FCRR have also shared their concerns about technology and issues of equity in this recent Smart Brief article. Dr. Yaacov Petscher and his FCRR colleagues are using our voice technology to develop next generation literacy assessments and to date, are seeing no bias in how our speech recognition performs with diverse accents and dialects.

SoapBox Labs takes equity very seriously. From the beginning, we committed to delivering a kid-specific voice technology to market that could cater to the diversity of accents and dialects you’d find in say, a New York City K-6 classroom.

We committed to a solution that accurately supports every child on their individual reading and English language learning journey.

And we committed to a solution that can invisibly and continuously assess every kids’ reading progress, prompting early intervention where it’s needed.

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