CEO Dr. Patricia Scanlon comments on an article in Forbes this week entitled “How ‘Reading Instruction’ Oppresses Black and Brown Children”.

Writing in Forbes this week Natalie Wexler gave an ominous assessment of the huge inequalities in US schools wrt reading.

‘On national tests last year, only 18 percent of black 4th-graders scored proficient or above in reading; the figure for white 4th-graders was 45 percent.’

A child’s proficiency at reading by age 8 is a key indicator of their future success.

A child that is a poor reader at age 8 will likely remain a poor reader throughout school and is 4 times more likely to leave school early
to be unemployed; end up in poverty; and have poor health.

The disparities revealed in this article and in many supporting studies, will be only further exacerbated by the current COVID 19 crisis.

Change is needed. Learning to read can change the trajectory of a child’s life.

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