Celebrating Our Women in AI

March 5, 2021

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Women continue to be massively under-represented in the computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) fields. While this is hardly “news”, the stats on gender diversity still have shock value. In its Global Gender Gap Report 2020, the World Economic Forum shows that only 32% of data and AI professionals in the US are women, and they estimate that gender parity will take another 100 years.

Including more women in all areas of our industry is not only more conscionable, it’s also good for business.

Dr. Amelia Kelly, our VP of Speech Technology, explains why gender diversity is so important to us as a company:

“The diversity of talent at SoapBox brings balance to our perspectives and to our work. It prompts greater collaboration and creativity, and at the end of the day, it’s just more fun.”

Attracting more women to careers in computer science and AI means showing them role models and a vision of how they can change the world for the better — just like our female colleagues who are building voice technology that ensures accuracy and equity in children’s reading assessments. 

Our industry needs more female engineers and scientists, and we need more of them at SoapBox too. As Amelia says:

“SoapBox Labs wants to nurture and support the next generation of women in AI. If you’re a student, doing a masters, or currently looking for a role in speech science or engineering, send us your CV. We’ll be interested to talk to you, and even if there’s no immediate role, we’ll be excited to stay connected.”

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone. Let’s continue to celebrate all of our women engineers and scientists, and do what we can to encourage many more to join their ranks.

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