Announcing Prosody: The newest feature of SoapBox Fluency

March 30, 2023

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Today, SoapBox is delighted to announce Prosody, the newest feature of our oral reading fluency assessment solution, SoapBox Fluency.

Prosody refers to the musicality of language. It adds rhythm, intonation, and pace to words, and gives them meaning beyond their literal interpretation.

SoapBox Fluency customers have been working closely with us in the design of this new and important feature, which offers automated prosody scoring and data for educators.

Excited to learn more? Here are three ways to do just that.

1. Watch our prosody webinar

Watch the recording of our Powering Prosody webinar to see Prosody in action. Our Head of Education Product, Brenda McGuirk, and Head of Speech, Mauro Nicolao, walk through the key benefits of our new prosody feature and demonstrate how it works. Mary Eisele, VP of Product Management for Intervention from client McGraw Hill, adds her insights on why automatic scoring of prosody is so valuable for educators.

2. Dive deeper into prosody in our tech blog

Learn about the importance of prosody in oral reading fluency and language learning, and dive deeper into three common voice-enabled use cases. This blog by Brenda McGurik also describes how the prosody data generated by our voice engine can be used to score individual prosody measurements and develop a rubric score for educators.

3. Try it for yourself!

SoapBox clients will be able to try out our new prosody feature in the SoapBox Fluency demo. New to SoapBox? Email us at or complete our Get Started form to tell us more about your use case and get access to our demo portal. 

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