About #MakingKidsHeard

November 15, 2021

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Today, we launch the #MakingKidsHeard campaign to create awareness around the power of speech recognition technology to deliver joy and agency to young kids through their voices.

A two-minute “Day in the Life” video headlines the campaign and introduces us to six-year-old Noah and how he uses his voice to “shape the world around me,” from waking up in the morning, through learning at school, homework, TV, and bedtime.

Technology is now an inevitable part of every kid’s daily experience, but most technology was built for adults and does little to empower kids. “The real opportunity ahead,” as Keith Schacht wrote recently, “is in building from the ground up for children, rather than from an outside-in, adult-first perspective.”

Here at SoapBox, we’ve re-imagined every step of how speech tech is built, so that it works for the uniqueness that is kids’ voices, behaviors, environments, and privacy needs. 

Our technology empowers kids by making sure their voices are heard in the digital world. And we all know how much kids love — and deserve — to be heard!

The power of speech technology to bring joy and agency to kids goes far beyond our imaginations. Check out the six videos in the #MakingKidsHeard campaign, and be inspired to explore how you can make kids’ voices heard through your digital products and experiences.  

Visit our #MakingKidsHeard resources to watch all six videos.

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