About SoapBox Fluency

August 24, 2020

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For a customer-facing view of how SoapBox Fluency powers reading assessments for kids, check out Amplify’s Text Reading Online tool, launched today.

For an under-the-hood view of how SoapBox Fluency works, and why it’s a game changer for educators, this three-minute demo by our Director of Speech Technology, Dr. Amelia Kelly, explains all:

Dr. Kelly explains how SoapBox Fluency classifies each word as correct, an omission, substitution or insertion, and displays the results. These data points are also used to calculate a WCPM (words correct per minute) measure.

SoapBox Fluency also returns a confidence score for how well each word was decoded, along with the start and end time of that word. Importantly, all punctuation is retained in the response which minimizes unnecessary development tasks for our clients. Timestamps are available for the complete audio file and are very useful when a parent or teacher is looking for a specific section to listen back to.

SoapBox Fluency also handles deletions, substitutions and insertions and the number of these is reflected in the overall WCPM score.

You can use SoapBox Fluency by sending an audio file, and a text file containing the reading passage, to our endpoint using a curl request. A JSON format is returned containing all the data points needed to drive a teacher dashboard, or create a report of a child’s reading fluency for that passage.

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