A Customer Story

May 15, 2019

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In April 2019, we signed a commercial partnership with English language tutoring platform Lingumi. In May, the company’s CEO Toby Mather, came to Dublin to spend a day with our team discussing future plans.

During his trip, we recorded a 30 minute interview between Toby and our CEO and founder Patricia Scanlon, which you can watch here. In the interview, Toby and Patricia discuss Lingumi’s experience using our platform, all the way from testing, integration and accuracy to how the new assessment feature “went viral” in one of their customer communities. You can watch the full interview below:

The brief back story:

In April 2019, Lingumi started using SoapBox Labs technology to power automated pronunciation assessments on their platform. API integration took just a couple of hours and as this video shows, the results are compelling. Kids love the scoring system and immediate feedback our technology offers. Over 20,000 families are now using the Lingumi platform, powered by SoapBox Labs’ automated assessments.

“At SoapBox Labs we’re big fans of Lingumi’s highly engaging and innovative approach to English language learning for young children so working with them has been a great meeting of minds and of missions. By integrating the SoapBox API, Lingumi can now engage kids more easily, track their progress and share it with their parents, all in a scalable and cost effective way.” says CEO and Founder of SoapBox Labs Dr. Patricia Scanlon.

“This partnership with SoapBox Labs means we can integrate automated assessments of spoken language into our sophisticated assessment engine, which is a huge step forward in the value we bring to our young learners and their families.” says Toby Mather, CEO and Founder of Lingumi.

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