5 Calls to Action to Protect Kids’ Voice Data Privacy

March 30, 2020

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These are incredibly exciting times for the voice tech industry. However, against the backdrop of consumer sentiment, strict regulation, and increased enforcement activities, important legal and technology-driven action is needed to make sure that voice technology does not threaten kids’ rights.

5 calls to action for the voice industry

As a company committed to protecting kids’ data privacy, SoapBox advocates for other voice technology and kid-focused companies to do the same.

The following calls to action are excerpted from our Voicebot guest post “Lets talk voice tech, data privacy, and kids,” written by our COO Dr. Martyn Farrows.

  1. Deliver transparency on how kids’ voice data is used once it is stored. 
  2. Commit to treat kids’ data differently to adults’ data, even with consent.
  3. Commit to identify voice data captured without consent, for example from a playmate or visitor to the home whose parent has not given consent, and delete it.
  4. Develop kid / adult voice classifiers to protect kids from adult-centered digital environments, and to recognize when parental consent is needed before storing voice data.
  5. Develop voice solutions where processing of voice data is embedded on-device.

How SoapBox protects kids’ voice data privacy

SoapBox Labs is a privacy-first speech recognition company. Since our founding in 2013, we’ve invested in a privacy-by-design approach to our data and technology, with the goal of protecting every kid’s fundamental digital privacy rights. End-user voice data will never be sold to third parties, and will never be used to support activities like marketing and advertising.

To learn more about how SoapBox protects kids’ voice data privacy, visit our Privacy page or email us at hello@soapboxlabs.com.

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