Beyond Assistants – Use Cases for Voice Technology

People love their voice assistants. In fact, according to TechCrunch, voice assistant sales increased by 70% between 2018 and 2019, and the numbers keep climbing.  However, the voice assistants found in our homes and on our phones represent only the first chapter in the voice technology story, a story in which voice becomes ubiquitous across all […]

An image of Dr. Amelia Kelly, Director of Speech Technology at SoapBox Labs
About SoapBox Fluency

For a customer-facing view of how SoapBox Fluency powers reading assessments for kids, check out Amplify’s Text Reading Online tool, launched today. For an under-the-hood view of how SoapBox Fluency works, and why it’s a game changer for educators, this three-minute demo by our Director of Speech Technology, Dr. Amelia Kelly, explains all: Dr. Kelly […]

An image with text that says, "Accuracy: The tipping point for voice technology for kids." The image includes a speedometer pointing to text that says "high accuracy". The far left side of the speedometer says "False negatives", and the far right side says "false positives."
Our Tech in Action

At the Voice Global conference today we’re showcasing how our technology works by demoing our verification, speech recognition and fluency solutions. Below our Director of Speech Technology, Dr. Amelia Kelly walks through our verification solution – for letter sounds/phonics, words, and sentences. Amelia shows us how our technology delivers immediate and accurate feedback and assessments […]

Announcing Free Access API for Education & Entertainment App Developers

SoapBox Labs announces three-month free access API web service; technical assistance to create safe at-home digital experiences for kids. DUBLIN, Ireland — April 29, 2020 — SoapBox Labs, pioneering developer of high accuracy, secure voice technology for kids, today announced the launch of a new application programming interface (API) that enables companies to easily integrate […]

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