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Let’s partner on your voice journey

Are you an education or entertainment company looking to add voice technology to your new or existing kids’ product or experience? SoapBox Studio delivers you a bespoke service that’s customized to your needs and fulfills all of your KPIs.

Delivering a successful speech solution for kids requires expertise and planning. We’re here to partner with you on all stages of the journey, from UX design to pilot testing, to product launch, marketing, and scaling.

soapbox studio discover


We develop an understanding of your requirements and use cases.

What does success look like for you? We work with you to understand your range of user needs, product objectives and market challenges.

soapbox studio identify


We match your requirements to our voice tech solutions.

We map your products to our voice engine use cases and identify the best opportunities to add voice interactions to enhance the play and learning experience.

soapbox studio design


We collaborate on evaluating and testing your voice strategy.

We offer guidance in voice UX best practices and support around integration and testing. We can also provide sample data for testing purposes.

soapbox studio integrate


We support the technical and operational implementation for scale.

This includes API integration, infrastructure, data analytics, privacy considerations and reporting. We also support the development of bespoke solutions and processes to optimize the user experience and outcomes.

soapbox studio launch


We collaborate to deliver a smooth and successful launch.

We monitor users’ feedback, usage patterns, and data results and support you in forecasting usage and return on investment.

soapbox studio scale


A successful launch is only the beginning.

We help you scale the initial integration into a comprehensive voice strategy across your suite of products. We also guide you in extracting unique value and insights from the data sets your tools are generating.

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Soapbox Studio Offerings

SoapBox Studio Our Offerings

Through SoapBox Studio, clients receive a service that’s customized to their needs and leverages our expertise, know-how, and resources in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Product/portfolio creative reviews 
  • Voice and conversational UI / UX design
  • Pilot testing
  • Data privacy and compliance 
  • Data scoring, interpretation, and analytics
  • Custom domains
  • Online, offline, and embedded integrations

Frequently asked questions

Who is SoapBox Studio for?

We have three main types of Studio clients: 

  1. Entertainment and education companies developing voice-first tools, products, and platforms for kids ages 2 and up
  2. Companies adding voice to existing products for the first time
  3. Companies moving from another voice provider and looking for a kid-specific offering with enhanced accuracy, privacy, and custom services

Do I have to be a client of SoapBox’s technology to engage SoapBox Studio?

Yes, SoapBox Studio works exclusively with third-party companies who have chosen our voice engine to power their kids’ experiences.

We’re new to voice. Can a workshop with SoapBox Studio bring my team quickly up to speed?

Yes! SoapBox Studio workshops are tailored to your company’s knowledge and experience of voice technology whether you’re brand new to voice or have some voice experts on the team. Our workshops are also suited to people across all disciplines in your company, from engineering and product, to policy, UX designers, sales, and marketing.

Tell me more about your different workshop offerings.

SoapBox Studio workshops are typically one to three days in duration and can cover any and all of the following areas and topics:

  • Voice Technology 101: Our experts introduce you and your team to voice technology and how it works for kids with use cases in your specific market. We walk you through our voice engine features across 15+ distinct use cases (e.g., keyword spotting, wakeword, search, conversation, literacy assessment), share live examples, and answer all your questions. We also talk you through the considerations to keep in mind when choosing a voice provider and adding voice to your kids’ experiences.  
  • Identifying your goals and opportunities: Prior to the workshop, we undertake an audit of your existing product portfolio and roadmap, mapping our voice engine’s capabilities and use cases to them. During the workshop, we discuss your products as “now”, “next”, or “later” opportunities for adding voice experiences and begin to lay out a high-level plan taking your short- to longer-term resources and market priorities into account.
  • Partnering on the journey: A practical workshop that introduces your product and engineering teams to our Developer Portal (documentation and resources) and to the full range of SoapBox Studio services, from data and technology support to voice UI/UX services. We walk you through data requirements, the value of data outputs, reporting and analysis, your infrastructure requirements, and the steps to follow from testing through to pilot and launch.

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