Webinar: How voice AI powers early literacy

About this early literacy webinar

Learn how SoapBox Labs’ accurate and equitable voice AI software powers early literacy tools and platforms for students grades PreK and up.

In this webinar, we discuss and demonstrate our off-the-shelf voice engine features and our engine’s ability to analyze and feed back on a child’s progress in phonological awareness, letter names and sounds, words, and phrases.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • The early literacy capabilities of our kid-focused voice engine.
  • How voice-powered early literacy activities empower PreK-3 teachers and their students.
  • How voice data empowers teachers to deliver more adaptive and personalized literacy instruction for every student in their classroom.

Host and panelists

Brenda McGuirk Head of Education Product SoapBox Labs

Brenda McGuirk

Head of Education Product

Mauro Nicolao Head of Speech SoapBox Labs

Mauro Nicolao

Head of Speech

Niamh Bushnell

Niamh Bushnell