We Care About Kids’ Voice Data Privacy

SoapBox Labs is a kids-first, privacy-first speech recognition company.

From the very beginning, we invested in a privacy-by-design approach to our data and technology, with the goal of protecting every kid’s right to voice-data privacy.

SoapBox Labs is fully compliant with relevant data privacy and data protection regulations, including COPPA and GDPR.

We are also an independent AI company with one mission: to develop the world’s most accurate and private automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology for kids. Our kids’ voice data will never be shared with, or sold to, third parties, and will never be used to support activities like marketing and advertising.

“PRIVO has been working with SoapBox Labs since its founding in 2013. From the very beginning, CEO and Founder Dr. Patricia Scanlon has been committed to a privacy-by-design approach to building kids’ speech recognition technology. We’re proud to count SoapBox Labs as one of our esteemed customers and partners.”


Denise G. Tayloe

Co-founder & CEO, PRIVO


Voice Prints and Children’s Rights

In May 2019, SoapBox Labs collaborated with thought leader and anthropologist Dr. Veronica Barassi on this submission to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The paper outlines the promises and opportunities of speech recognition software, as well as the risks posed to children’s privacy when voice solutions are not built with children’s best interests in mind.

“It wasn’t faster or cheaper to design in privacy, but as a deep tech, kid-focused company, success for SoapBox Labs meant respecting every kid’s fundamental right to privacy.”

Dr. Martyn Farrows

COO & Data Privacy Officer


Let’s Talk Voice Tech, Data Privacy, and Kids

In February 2020, COO Dr. Martyn Farrows published this guest post in Voicebot, the leading voice industry’s leading publication. Learn why voice tech companies need to be more thoughtful when it comes to kids’ voice data and rights.

On Privacy - Blog Posts

SoapBox Labs continues to raise its voice and advocate for the adoption of a privacy-by-design approach by all players in the voice technology industry, through blog posts, talks, and articles.


5 Calls to Action to Protect Kids Voice Data Privacy

We Need to Talk About Kids Voice Data Privacy

On Privacy

SoapBox Labs is committed to delivering world-class voice tech for kids that protects their privacy.

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