On Privacy

We recently brought together our COO Dr. Martyn Farrows and Dr. Veronica Barassi, an anthropologist at the University of London, for a conversation on privacy. Watch the full 7 minute interview here.  During the discussion Veronica explains why privacy has become such a huge concern, particularly when it comes to kids. She makes the link […]

Voicebot.Ai Interview

We’re on the front page of industry leading website Voicebot.ai today with this great interview with CEO and Founder Patricia Scanlon. During the interview Patricia talks about the origin story of the company: “My lightbulb moment was watching my child interact with technology. To them, voice technology is a need more than a want. And […]

Robots and Education

The $1.3B international robotics education market is set to grow to $3.1B by 2025 according to HolonIQ. This doesn’t mean that robots are about to become a physical presence in our kids’ classrooms however, because the term “robotics” now includes devices that are programmable or that use artificial intelligence technologies i.e. smart devices. The quickly […]

Newstalk FM interview with Dr. Martyn Farrows

In this recent Newstalk radio interview, our COO Martyn Farrows offers show host Jess Kelly a primer on the voice industry and SoapBox Labs mission in it. He also explains why voice tech holds so much promise for young kids, and why the privacy issues associated with voice won’t be going away any time soon. […]

Thoughts on “Beeb”

This week’s announcement that the BBC will develop their own voice assistant received mixed reactions, but for us at SoapBox Labs it underlines a number of realities and exciting opportunities for voice assistants and the voice industry as a whole: – Off-the-shelf voice technology still struggles to deliver on fundamentals like high accuracy for diverse […]

Wired UK Chooses SoapBox Labs

Wired UK described their search for the top 100 companies in Europe in 2019 as a search for “the brilliant minds and companies that will make a difference in the long run” and we are delighted and honored that they’ve recognized SoapBox Labs as one of these companies. We know that our work in the […]

Pioneering Developer of Speech Recognition for Kids Taps Former CFO Shazam as CFO

Colm O’Carroll comes to SoapBox Labs from Apple; previously served as CFO for music app, Shazam. SoapBox Labs, mission-oriented developer of speech recognition that works for children, today announced the appointment of former Shazam Chief Financial Officer, Colm O’Carroll as Chief Financial Officer. Created to power a wide range of children’s applications in education, toys, […]

What I learned from my TEDx Experience

CEO & Founder Dr. Patricia Scanlon shares some insights about her recent TEDx experience. Trish’s TEDx now has 39.8K viewers and can be found here. I love TED talks, always have. I find the short, powerful talks inspiring. Earlier this year I was invited by TEDx University of Limerick organizers to deliver my own TEDx […]

The TEDx Talk

On June 18th 2019, our CEO and Founder Dr. Patricia Scanlon delivered a TEDx Talk at the University of Limerick, Ireland, about how voice technology like ours can support kids on their literacy journey, and how it can be employed at scale to help tackle the global literacy crisis. Patricia’s talk quickly garnered over 40,000 […]

Showcase at ICASSP

Today, SoapBox Labs Chief Scientist Qiru Zhou is giving a talk and a demo at ICASSP – the world’s largest and most comprehensive technical conference on signal processing – in Brighton, UK. Our Director of Speech Technology Dr. Amelia Kelly who is also attending – those would be her red nails on the conference programme […]