Speech technology
that hears
all kids' voices

Privacy-first. High accuracy.
All ages and accents.

A child learning how to read. Voice-powered edtech apps and platforms for screening, practice, intervention, and assessment of K12 literacy and language learning.


Voice-enable your reading, math and language tools to support kids and teachers at home and in the classroom.


Voice-enable games, toys, apps and TV shows for kids with accurate responses to their dialogue and commands every time.

Latest Product News:

New data point in oral reading assessments: Repetitions

Trusted By...

“SoapBox Labs has developed a unique speech-recognition technology that actually works for children.”

Dr. Yaacov Petscher, Florida State University

“SoapBox's technology is the best in the speech detection and comprehension world for children.”

Toby Mather, CEO Lingumi

“SoapBox Labs has made a name for itself as the leader in automated speech recognition for kids.”

Bret Kinsella, Founder & CEO Voicebot

Why SoapBox Is Unique

To voice-enable tools, apps, platforms and toys for kids, there’s only one speech recognition solution.

Just For Kids

Built specifically for 2 to 12 year-old voices.

Privacy & Data Driven

Protecting kids’ privacy and customers’ data.

Highest Accuracy

Independently verified across ages and accents.

Low-Code & Lightweight

Brings voice-enabled solutions live within hours.

Plug & Play or Custom

A solution for every home or classroom use case.

Delivery Options

Available online or on-device. Edge coming soon.

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