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Hands Off. Voice is Here.

Voice is the most natural interface for kids to engage with technology – to perform searches, have conversations with their toys, command and control their AR/VR adventures.

Our proprietary technology offers voice-enabled experiences that are accurate, private and age-appropriate, for kids of all ages and accents.

Embedded Solutions for Kids

Offline and embedded offline solutions are well suited to kids across a number of voice use cases.

SoapBox Labs has plans to deploy our speech models across a range of partner embedded silicon chips, offering high processing power and long battery life at a cost effective price, to our entertainment industry customers.

One such partnership is with Xperi. We’re working with Xperi and NUIG Galway to develop an on-device multi-modal AI platform that encompasses both voice and vision. Read more on this partnership below.

Processing kids’ voice data in the cloud  is a COPPA and GDPR compliant approach.

Embedded solutions go further by keeping all data on the device, offering even greater peace of mind.

“The smart toy market represents a huge opportunity for SoapBox Labs but to win it we must first deliver our innovative kids’ voice technology as an embedded solution, so that no data goes to the cloud for processing and kids’ privacy is completely protected”

Dr. Patricia Scanlon

Founder & CEO

Left, Right, Jump, Dance!

Voice-enabled experiences are more immersive and intuitive for young and pre-literate kids. Voice also enables kids with special needs to enjoy deeper and more natural interactions with technology.

Bring products, apps and toys to life for kids. Just add voice.

Features and Benefits

  • Keyword spotting of words or phrases
  • Character command and control
  • Enables “choose your own adventure” games
  • Domain Agnostic
  • Available Offline and Online

Just Add Voice

Voice-enable your play experiences for kids with our accurate and private technology.

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