Literacy Assessments Powered by SoapBox Fluency

Early literacy assessments typically require a teacher or trained educator to sit down and observe the student. This task is hugely cumbersome, and can be subject to inconsistency.

SoapBox Fluency powers literacy assessments in the classroom and remotely, and allows teachers to undertake these assessments regularly and easily.

Voice-enabled reading assessments allow teachers and educators to tailor their instruction and minimize the risk of reading loss in individual kids during a critical developmental stage.

SoapBox Fluency, our speech-to-text software for kids, is now live with Amplify, a pioneering US education technology company.

Data from SoapBox Fluency populates Amplify’s teacher dashboards, in near-real-time, with detailed feedback on individual and classroom-wide reading progress.

“We’re making educators’ lives just a little bit easier by providing them with tech-enabled tools that allow them to engage in accurate and private literacy assessment for all their students”

Dr. Patricia Scanlon


Our Technology in Action

Our VP of Speech Technology, Dr. Amelia Kelly, demos the power of voice-enabled reading assessments using Fluency, our speech-to-text software for kids. 

Practice and Assessments, voice-enabled.

Our voice technology integrates into teacher and parent dashboards and remote learning apps for the home, providing feedback scores and encouragement as a child reads aloud.

It can accurately and invisibly assesses kids at all stages of the literacy journey – from phonics (letter sounds) and words, to short sentences and fluency – and makes reading out loud a fun and independent experience.

“Fluency is extremely challenging for educators to evaluate given the diversity and complexity of accents, dialects and reading abilities in the K-5 classroom,”

Dr. Patricia Scanlon

(Listed among Forbes Top 50 Global Women in Tech)

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Features and Benefits

  • Multilingual – English, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese
  • Automated, immediate and objective
  • Scalable and cost effective
  • Online and offline versions
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Easy 3rd party integration


For reading assessment and practice tools for kids that guarantee accuracy, privacy, and objectivity

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