Announcing the Launch of SoapBox Fluency

SoapBox Fluency is the newest product in our suite of solutions for language development and literacy.

SoapBox Fluency voice-enables literacy assessments by supplementing – or replacing – observational assessments which are manual and time intensive for teachers. 

Read more about SoapBox Fluency here.


Practice and Assessments, voice-enabled.

Our voice technology integrates into teacher and parent dashboards and remote learning apps for the home, providing feedback scores and encouragement as a child reads aloud.

It can accurately and invisibly assess kids at all stages of the literacy journey – from phonics (letter sounds) and words, to short sentences and fluency – and makes reading out loud a fun and independent experience.

Features and Benefits

  • Multilingual – English, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese
  • Automated, immediate and objective
  • Scalable and cost effective
  • Online and offline versions
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Easy 3rd party integration
Just add voice – for accurate and safe practice and assessment tools for kids.