Language Learning

Global Accents Welcome

Voice-enabled language learning was one of the earliest use cases for our voice technology.

Today, tens of thousands of kids around the world use voice-enabled language learning tools powered by SoapBox Labs to speak out loud, get immediate feedback and improve their language fluency.

Make Language Learning Fun!

Our voice technology listens while a kid reads aloud and returns pronunciation scores and encouraging feedback – just like a supportive adult.

English language platform Lingumi use our voice technology to teach English to kids across Europe and Asia.

Watch how our technology delivers pronunciation scores immediately and accurately for 5 year old Nancy:

“Integrating SoapBox’s technology into our English language learning platform has driven engagement, and helped us improve the quality and consistency of our learning engine.”

Toby Mather

CEO, Lingumi

Features and Benefits

  • Spanish, Mandarin and Portuguese coming in 2020
  • Automated, immediate and fun
  • Scalable and cost effective
  • Online and offline versions
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Easy 3rd party integration


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