Language Learning

Global Accents Welcome

Voice-enabled language learning was one of the earliest use cases for our voice technology. Tens of thousands of kids on three continents now use SoapBox Labs voice technology to learn English, and the number keeps growing as the popularity of online language learning explodes and new language platforms, games and apps companies integrate our technology.

Language Learning is Fun!

Our voice technology listens while a kid reads out loud – or is prompted to repeat what they hear. It then provides feedback with pronunciation scores and encouragement, just as a parent or teacher would do.

Integrating our voice technology into language learning tools makes a challenging task fun for kids.

Here’s how English language platform Lingumi uses our voice technology to teach kids English. Watch how we deliver pronunciation accuracy scores back to Nancy!

Features and Benefits

  • Spanish, Mandarin and Portuguese coming in 2020.
  • Automated, immediate and fun
  • Scalable and cost effective
  • Online and offline versions
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Easy 3rd party integration

“Integrating SoapBox’s technology into our English language learning platform has driven engagement, and helped us improve the quality and consistency of our learning engine” .

Toby Mather, CEO Lingumi

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